Where to Begin with Video Content Creation? 

 | Joe DeVanon

I get it. Getting started in video content creation can feel like stepping into uncharted territory. That’s why finding a partner who can help guide you through the process and make it an enjoyable experience is vital. It should be fun process because, let’s be honest, it’s not ditch digging. This is how I’ve thought of it over the last twenty years as a video producer. And in that time, I’ve determined there are two common questions clients new to video production almost always ask. 

So, lets dive in address those. 

What kind of videos are best for my content creation marketing strategy? 

Start with what inspires you. Determine what the burning message is that you want to share. Once you’ve got that spark, think about who needs to hear it—your audience. Who are they? What resonates with them? From there, it is about choosing the type of video that fits your message. 

Let me break down the essential videos that every company, no matter their size, needs to consider. 

Promotional Videos 

Imagine promotional videos as the conductor of your marketing orchestra. They’re the gateway to introducing your brand, products, or services to potential customers and help your video marketing strategy work together. These types of videos include: 

  • Product Demonstrations: Show your products in action, highlighting key features and benefits. 
  • Service Overviews: Explain how your servicess can solve specific problems or meet customers’ needs. 
  • Brand Storytelling: Share your company’s history, values, and mission to build a strong brand identity. 

Educational and How-To Videos 

Educational videos are your ticket to being a reliable source of wisdom and expert guidance for your audience. Different educational and how-to videos include : 

  • Tutorials: Guide viewers through tasks related to your industry or offerings. 
  • Industry Insights: Share your knowledge through informative content related to trends, best practices, and more. 
  • FAQs: Answer frequently asked questions to address common concerns. 

Customer Testimonials and Case Studies 

This is where your customers take the stage—real stories, real emotions, real results. 

  • Customer Testimonials: Showcase real people sharing their positive experiences with your products or services. 
  • Case Studies: Illustrate how your solutions have helped clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals. 


Behind-the-Scenes Videos  

Customers want to get to know your company on a deeper level to see if they relate to the brand. Give your audience a glimpse into your company’s culture and operations with these unique video styles: 

  • Office Tour: Show your workplace, introducing the team and daily activities. 
  • Production Process: Showcase the craftsmanship behind your products or services. 
  • Meet the Team: Introduce key team members and their roles. 

Explainer Videos 

Simplify complex concepts to help your audience understand your offerings better: 

  • Product/Service Explainers: Break down the intricacies of what you offer in an easy-to-understand manner. 
  • Process Walkthroughs: Illustrate how your solutions work from start to finish. 

Live Videos and Webinars 

Engage your audience in real-time with interactive content: 

  • Live Q&A Sessions: Address audience questions and concerns directly. 
  • Webinars: Host educational sessions, workshops, or discussions with industry experts. 

Social Media Shorts 

Capture attention on platforms with short-form videos: 

  • Quick Tips: Share bite-sized advice or insights relevant to your audience. 
  • Behind-the-Scenes Teasers: Offer sneak peeks to create excitement around upcoming launches or events. 

And what about that other common client question? It comes down to budget. 

Does creating quality video content come with a price? 

I’ve spent years learning this lesson firsthand. Yes, quality comes with a price, but consider it an investment in the impact of your business. When you invest in quality, you’re investing in emotions, making your audience feel something real. The cost of video production can vary widely depending on several factors, including the video’s length, complexity, location, equipment, and the expertise of your production team. So, while there might be a cost attached, what you gain in terms of audience engagement, loyalty, and the legacy of your story is priceless. 

Remember, videos aren’t just about content; they’re about forging connections, building trust, and showing the world what makes your brand tick. Whether it’s the excitement of promotion, the wisdom of education, or the authenticity of testimonials, each video adds a unique note to your brand symphony. Get ready to create videos that don’t just tell stories; they become stories. 

Ready to get started on your content creation strategy? 

At Haute, we’ve got the teams and tools to help kick your video marketing into gear. Let’s talk about how we can work together. 

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