Our Vision

To Keep Business Personal.

Our Mission

To foster real human-to-human connection so that every engagement resonates more effectively—and for years to come.

Our Values

Remember that we are all friends here.

Treat everyone with respect and love, just like you would your closest group of buddies.

Don’t plan for good. Plan for great.

Can we survive being good? Yes. But to thrive and change the world, we have to be great. That’s why we expect our teams to go above and beyond in every situation.

Always assume good intent.

When reacting to a fellow employee or customer, always assume there were good intentions behind their question, complaint, or issue. Put yourself in their shoes, assume they are saying it with a smile, and respond accordingly.

Continue to dream.

Always look forward to the next project, the next company, the next build. Some people say that in order to survive in business, revenues must grow, but it’s hard to achieve much without dreams. We need to create an environment where employees and customers feel safe and encouraged to always dream—and we should try to make those dreams come true whenever possible.

Enjoy the ride.

The real joy comes in the journey. The relationships we get to create and enjoy, the successes, the problems solved, the joys of seeing happy customers and employees—that is where the magic lies. If we are too focused on the pot of gold, we’ll never stop to appreciate the beauty of the rainbow.

Be kind.

Handle every situation with thoughtfulness. We can strengthen the company without compromising on kindness. Benevolence can live exclusive of other company actions and traits, but we should always lead with kindness.

Relationship building is at the heart of every solution we offer.


The Executive Team

Team sports made me the leader that I am today.

Alisa Haynes, CIS

Chief Executive Officer

I simply believe there is a better way…

Jeff Haynes

Chief Innovative Officer + Founder

All generalizations are false.

Chris Love

Chief Operating Officer

Amazing always starts with a tiny, stupid idea.

Chris Sommella

Chief Creative Officer

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Melissa Callaway

EVP of Corporate Development + Implementation

I think in Excel spreadsheets.

Morgan S. Connacher, CSEP

VP Events Special Programs

What’s for lunch?

Joe DeVanon

VP of Media

To save time, let’s just assume I’m right.

Kristina Mikulencak

VP, Creative Operations

I have regularly scheduled drum therapy.

Lindsay Norris

Corporate Controller

Find the “get to do” pleasure in “have to do” tasks.

Rusty Park

VP of Innovation + Growth

Join the Haute Team

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Haute is an equal-opportunity employer committed to diversity and growth in every way. We’re always looking for potential teammates with a craving for breaking the mold in service of our amazing clients.

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