Using Haute’s Rules to Engagement to Foster Belonging 

 | Jordan Valdez

In the spring of this year, Google embarked on a remarkable journey to create more inclusive live event spaces, aiming to spread the magic to public spaces as well. At the forefront of this transformative endeavor was Haute, an esteemed design partner and producer of the inaugural Google Xi Days—a three-day event like no other. 

Allow me to shed some light on what made Google turn to Haute for this extraordinary partnership. It wasn’t solely our design prowess but our shared passion for crafting spaces that evoke emotions, nurture a profound sense of belonging, and connect people on a deeply human level. 

The Power of Emotion in B2B Marketing 

Is there a place for emotions in the world of B2B marketing? At Haute, we firmly believe in the profound impact of emotions within shared experiences. We’ve coined this concept as Return on Emotion™, or ROE for short. Think of it as your treasure map to meaningful connections and unforgettable brand experiences. To guide us on this journey, we’ve formulated “Rules to Engagement,” our North Star that guides every project we create for our clients. 

Unveiling the Rules to Engagement 

Recently, Megan Henshall, Strategic Solutions Lead, Event Solutions at Google, joined us in our Austin, Texas studio to dissect how our Rules to Engagement played a pivotal role in shaping the three-day program for Google Xi Days. Before you dive into the video, let’s take a moment to explore each of these five guiding principles. 

  1. Forget Formulas Never settle for the mundane; craft unique, tailor-made experiences that align with your unique challenges. 
  1. Entertainment as Education Blend fun and excitement with your content to create memorable and engaging experiences. 
  1. Meaningful Miles Every step of the journey should captivate and delight, appealing to the universal human experience. 
  1. Meet Your Audience Deliver your message in a way that’s convenient and unique to your audience, cutting through the noise. 
  1. Embrace Experimentation Boldly pursue new and innovative ideas; a lasting impression demands daring moves. 

Now that you’ve grasped the essence of these guiding principles, we invite you to watch this short video that delves into how following these rules can infuse your marketing programs with emotional resonance. 

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Let Us Show You the Way 

At Haute, we’re not just experts; we’re enthusiasts when it comes to creating memorable, emotionally charged experiences. If you’re ready to embark on a journey to engage more profoundly and memorably, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s partner together to make your next marketing program an unforgettable success. 

In conclusion, remember that in the world of marketing, emotions matter, and Haute’s Rules to Engagement are your roadmap to fostering a sense of belonging and connection that resonates deeply with your audience. Join us in crafting experiences that leave a lasting mark and turn ordinary interactions into extraordinary memories. 

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