Inviting people in: our 5-pronged approach

 | Courtney Abud

Business can be pretty awkward sometimes. That’s just a plain and simple truth, especially when money and livelihoods are on the line. But in order to make win/win business transactions  happen, both parties need to be open to new possibilities, which means having an open and trusting relationship. At Haute, we pride ourselves in our ability to invite people in and make them feel at home.

So, what’s our secret? And how do you apply it to your own business? We’re so glad you asked.

You have to put the end-user first.

What do they want? What do they need? It’s not enough to tell them all the features and benefits. You have to draw people in with experiences that make them feel at home and encourage them to let their guard down. Show them how you can solve their most pressing challenges. Help them make the connection between pain points and solutions – your solutions. Because ultimately, people go with their gut, which means you need to dig deep.

Prong #1:

You have to have conversations. When you’re trying to uncover new insights to fuel your business, it’s important to have the right kind of conversations and build community. I’m not just talking about a focus group. We’re talking community building to gain real-time marketing insights, create more useful content, and prioritize projects. This is one of Haute’s specialties. Our award-winning methodology fosters the connections and conversations that drive participants to take action. These sessions often began with great big hugs, reverted to on-camera fist bumps, and now happily – we’re moving back to in-person hugging.

Prong #2: You have to make it unexpected

Our team at Haute says it best: “In an increasingly digital world, prospects and clients are used to receiving emails and whitepapers, PDFs, and PNGs. Why not give them something more tangible to tie together your integrated marketing campaign? And why not take it a step further by sending those gifts from your sales representatives so they are the face of your campaign? (unclear – I don’t understand what this means)

Think about it this way: Nearly 20 years ago, hearing your computer say “You’ve got mail!” would make our heart go pitter-patter. Now we’re forced to delete hundreds, if not thousands, of emails each week, and a quality piece of mail is now what brings us joy. Invite them into your world with something fun and unexpected.

Prong #3: You have to be consistent.

Keep your messaging streamlined and simple to follow. Too many conflicting campaigns can clutter up the landscape and confuse your audience. Often, businesses fall down this hole when it comes to swag and merchandising, even at an internal level. SwagHub, our sister company was created to solve this pain point. Launching in early 2022, SwagHub will be THE service that offers you curated products, branded campaigns, and no inventory storefronts.

Prong #4: You have to immerse them in the experience.

Just because we continue to live in a socially distant world doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy live music safely. Haute Spot, our outdoor live music venue opened in April of 2021. The responsibility to open doors to the public is one not taken lightly – ever, but never more important than during a pandemic.

In addition to following local, state, and federal guidelines, Haute Spot went the extra mile by investing in air cleansing apparatus throughout the space and heavy-duty fans for extra airflow.  “Molekule” Air Pro purifiers were placed inside the venue and in all restrooms. Every touchpoint was built with the attendees in mind. Treat your end-users like Haute Spot treats attendees. Prove yourself, show them you are a trusted partner and give them a live music experience they’ll return time and again.

Prong #5: You have to be neighborly.

Always consider inclusivity, which means building your campaigns and experiences around diversity and accessibility. Conduct your business with a giving heart. Always ask yourself, “How does this help my community?” This is the approach we take at Haute, SwagHub, and Haute Spot where we support our local community by participating in fundraisers and maintaining a focus on sustainability.

Our (Zoom) door is always open. As you can see, this five-prong approach plays out across each of our brands, and we’re always happy to help you give it a try, too.

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