Three internally-facing podcasts you should be creating right now

 | Courtney Abud

Since its inception in 2004, podcasting has become a major form of digital media, with over 16 million people in the United States alone consider themselves “avid podcast fans.” Let’s take a closer look at the numbers, shall we?

Of those 16 million podcast fans, the gender demographics are almost evenly split between male and female listeners. While 64% of listeners fire up their podcast feed while driving, 90% of podcast listening is done at home.

People turn to podcasts for news and entertainment, devouring stories from around the globe. This is an intimate form of communication, and brands have taken notice of its popularity, creating consumer-facing content to connect with their audience and tell their brand story. You may have dipped your toes into the pool of podcasting already — and if you have, we commend you! But you might be ignoring one very important audience in your episode lineup: your team.

That’s right — podcasting isn’t just for consumers. It’s a great way to bridge the gap between sales and marketing or educate your team on important initiatives. So, to help you better utilize this important tool, here are three internally facing podcasts you should be creating right now.

#1: A Series of Executive Conversations

Your average employee doesn’t get to eat lunch with the company’s CEO on a regular basis. Sure, you might schedule town halls and send out a newsletter with a written note from the head honcho, but that will never be quite as personal as an audio message. Instead, ask employees to send their burning questions and have executives record their answers 2-4 times a month. Mix it up a little — encourage your team to send questions about the company, sales efforts, and even silly topics, like favorite superheroes or what leaders do on the weekends.

You can also set your own agenda. What do you need employees to know and what insight does your executive team bring? What’s going on in the world and what’s the take from leadership?

This is a quick, easy way to stay connected to employees and show them that their executive team cares. It’s also a great sales enablement tool that provides insights on sales initiatives and overall company goals.

#2: Sales Conversations

Speaking of sales initiatives… Whitepapers and infographics are one way to communicate sales and marketing strategies, but ultimately, making a sale comes down to having successful conversations. One way to give your sales team cues on how to communicate value is to let them listen in. Set up conversations between a sales leader and one or two subject matter experts (SMEs) to talk about the benefits of specific products and/or services. This provides context and adds perspective—it also gives your sales team something to mimic. Be sure to use words and phrases you want them to repeat to clients so you can really hammer the message home.

#3: Audio Case Studies

Case studies aren’t just valuable pieces of content for your target audience — they’re also important for sales. A great case study is social proof that your company is the solution to a specific problem in a specific industry. Unfortunately, in today’s face-paced world, there’s rarely enough time to consume them. But remember—16 million people are avid podcast listeners, even when they’re just hanging out or working at home. Podcasts are great for multitaskers, which means a case study in this format may be more easily consumed by your sales team.

Instead of interviewing clients and encapsulating their quotes via text, record the conversation (with their permission, of course!) and turn it into a podcast episode. Hearing the excitement and appreciation of a client first-hand can be incredibly inspiring for a sales team.

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