What To Do When Random Business Emails and Calls Simply Don’t Work Anymore 

 | Jeffrey Haynes

It probably won’t come as a shock to you, but B2B marketing is changing—and it’s happening faster than anyone could have imagined. Technology plays a big hand, but there’s also been a major shift in the way we as a society interact with each other.  

Gone are the days of “walking the halls” at client’s offices, getting to know everyone, and building in-person relationships. Many of those hallways are a thing of the past, and if they still exist, good luck getting permission to freely roam. No more lunch meetings, endless happy hours, and client dinners. Some may say good riddance, but most salespeople would disagree. 

Without these more intimate, in-person networking cornerstones, how can sales build deep and meaningful relationships with their customers and prospects?  And let’s face it—most cold calls go unanswered. Personally, it’s been months since I’ve responded to one, and I don’t know anyone within my network that has. 

Even when someone manages to cut through the clutter on LinkedIn with a super creative and personal message, the success rate is still pretty low. (Although, if you’ve had luck with a personal message, share your tricks!)  

8 Strategies Haute Deploys for Ourselves and Clients 

So, how do you build new B2B relationships when you’re forced to throw out the old playbook? At Haute, we’re forging forward with new strategies, not only for us, but also for our agency clients. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the approaches we’ve taken that have brought success. 

Take a look and try some on for size. But remember—these are one and done solutions. It’ll require you to re-think your entire marketing approach. Don’t be afraid to double down on what’s working and let go of the past. The most successful business will be those that are willing to learn, then relearn again and again as the market continues to shift at a pace like never before. 

Experts in the Field 

Let’s talk about standing out in an ever-growing marketplace. It’s tough to grab your customers’ attention, but one great way is to position yourself as the expert in your field. And not just any expert – one that your customers can relate to. Then, personalize your outreach. It’s not just about making your sales team knowledgeable; it’s about giving them tools to share that expertise effectively. Think of it like teaching them to fish and what gear to use. But to turn them into trusted guides, they need to know the best fishing spots, successful bait, and casting depths. And yeah, they should confidently talk about all that to their customers. Most importantly, give them the tools to connect and show off their expertise. Up next: closing the loop! 


Now, let’s dive into media. Engaging and well-produced content is the secret sauce for breaking through to your clients. Create a plan to make personalized media for your prospects—it’s like opening a door for your sales teams. Make your sales crew experts on your product and hand them the tools to share that wisdom. Share your story through media, not just words. Get emotional, make them curious about how you can help them, and make it super easy for them to reach out. 


Alright, events. Post-pandemic, clients still dig in-person events, but don’t just go back to the old ways. The game has changed. Focus on how to use events to build emotional connections between your brand, your customer, and your sales reps. At the end of the day, it’s all about connecting that trifecta. 

Micro Events 

Create programs for your sales reps to host weekly or monthly shindigs with current customers, fans, and potential customers. Make these events personal and full of emotion—make ’em unforgettable. Equip your sales rep with a micro-event series and all the tools they need to pull it off. Media to hype it up, gifts to show gratitude, and an experience that your customers won’t forget. Give them a killer reason to be in front of your sales teams. Create the reason—don’t just wait for it. 

One-on-One Meetings 

Now, when your sales team lands that one-on-one meeting, how are you helping them close it? At Haute, we think it’s the marketing team’s job to craft the perfect story and solution, not the sales reps. Build tools so reps can input info about their upcoming meetings and let the marketing squad handle the presentation. Sales reps focus on relationship building, while marketing takes care of the experience and deck building—it’s a team effort. 

Zoom/Virtual Calls and Meetings 

We all know Zoom calls are the norm. So, why not invest in marketing and tech to make your sales team wow every client in their virtual space? With a bit of spending and effort, you can make every call within the organization matter. 

Word-of-Mouth Marketing 

Word of mouth is gold. It always has been and always will be. To get people talking about your brand, use a study and metric like Return on Emotion. Emotionally connect your customers to your brand and watch the word-of-mouth magic happen. Dive deep into your customer journey, close any gaps, and voila – word of mouth becomes a thing of beauty. 


Last but not least, swag. At Haute, we’re all about meaningful swag that shows we get our customers and appreciate their business. It’s a killer tool for the sales team to connect personally with customers and prospects. But, like everything else, it takes thought, energy, and genuine care to make your swag program effective. Double down on it, and you’ll see some awesome results! 

Getting Started 

By deploying these updated strategies, you can get your salespeople back in front of the top clients in plenty of lunches, happy hours, and dinners, building deep and lasting emotional connections with their customers. 


Need help getting started? Drop a line.

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