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Emotions drive 95% of our decision making,¹and when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions rather than information.² But which emotions? And what about in the B2B space?

That’s why we created a unique new metric we like to call Return on Emotion℠  (ROE). ROE allows you to craft a program scientifically proven to yield results and measure the impact of that program, helping you to identify opportunities and make improvements along the way.

An experimental metric that matters.

Predict, measure, and connect.

By measuring each emotion on a 10-point scale ahead of your program, you can identify areas in need of improvement and set your programs up for success. After your program is complete, ask your audience how it all measured up—then compare. Learn how to use the metric.

Hit the sweet spot

Our ROE formula takes each 10-point response and finds the average, giving you a quantitative value for something that used to be purely qualitative. The number you’re aiming for? 8.6, friends. According to our research, that’s the score you’ve gotta hit to create an environment that’s business-ready.

Ready, set, go!

Need some help implementing Return on Emotion in your marketing and event programs? We’re here to help! Whether it’s running ROE workshops with your team or helping craft an event experience that hits them in the feels (and preps them for business), or building a full year-long omni-channel marketing strategy, our team at Haute is here for you. Drop us a line and let us know how we help you drive more ROI with ROE.

Get started now

Return on Emotion℠ infographic

It’s time to start asking the right questions and doing the math. Our infographic will show you just how to apply ROE to your upcoming programs.


Press Kit

Are you a member of the media interested in telling your audience about ROE? Download our press kit for more resources and contact information.


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