What’s your challenge?

It’s LIVE!
(no, really).


When the pandemic hit the globe, Dell Technologies was left with an interesting challenge—how to continue their event marketing and sales enablement efforts remotely. 


Instead of turning sales training events into PowerPoint-webinar snooze-fests, we got to work, turning several previously planned events into digital delightfulness. 

Where customers would once be treated to a live stage show by Max Frost, they now could enjoy an intimate concert by the artist in their own home—and it was all live. 

The It’s Live broadcast has continued for 18 months, with an internal program for employees and an external program for customers. Each live show features new skits and custom content sharing the latest and greatest of Dell’s technology and partner innovations. Using entertainment to educate their audience, these live broadcasts, created at our studio in Cedar Park, Texas, have been a huge success with more 53% attendee retention and 100% engagement in the polls and chat.

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