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Celebrating 25 years of Amway China


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Amway China, the global organization required a careful mix of design and logistical expertise with a request for “World’s First” elements to uplevel the prior year’s experience.


Our team handled every aspect of the event, hosting more than 10,000 Gala Dinner guests over 13 days in eight waves. The stunning commemoration marked the industry’s first use of PyroDrones – a drone show in the skies above the Burj al Arab, culminating in fireworks launched right from the airborne drones.

This immersive show took on an Arabian Nights theme, including a cultural welcome by traditonal Ayallah dancers and drums. Additional decor included photo opportunities with a flying carpet, a flying genie in mid-air, levitating performers, and Tanoura dancers mingling with the participants.

A main stage and four satellite stages allowed for non-stop entertainment during the dinner gala, punctuated with magicians, sand artists, and local talent.

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