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 | Liz Lathan

Our inaugural Flashpoint summit

At Haute, we know that the setting for your program impacts the content just as much as the content itself. Our inaugural Flashpoint summit, January 18-20, was held at Atlantis Paradise Island, intentionally putting our attendees on island time, and giving many of them a welcome respite from the harsh winters of their hometowns.

It was the perfect setting for us to showcase how to create a program loaded with emotionally significant experiences that would connect our participants to each other (and to us), and create lasting impressions. 

We shared the results of our year-long research study into Return on Emotion and explained the five emotions that must be evoked in programs in order to create an environment for business-readiness. 

Programs must make participants feel hopeful, adventurous, active, accepted, and motivated. 

We crafted our Flashpoint program using this blueprint to ensure it hit all the right notes.

Day 1: Accepted

On arrival day, we focused on the feeling of being accepted. We personally greeted our arrivals at the airport with pompoms and hugs, ensuring everyone got to their transportation feeling like they were in the right place and that we were excited to have them here. Once they got to the Atlantis, we got them checked in and then sent them to get on their summer clothes and meet up with our leadership team in a cabana at the waterpark. Casual hangout time for the first afternoon before the opening night dinner. The dinner was crafted around the Bohemian cultural tradition of Junkanoo, complete with feathers, masks and real Junkanoo parade and performance, ensuring our guests felt accepted as part of the Bahamas family. 

Day 2: Adventurous and Active

Our second day was punctuated with crowdsourcing of conversation topics so the participants got to be active in the creation of what the subject matter would be for the rest of the conference. Being able to craft and then choose which conversation they wanted to be part of helped them to feel invested in the think tanks later that day. 

As for adventure, we partnered with the property to create behind the scenes experiences that no guests have ever gotten to see before!

We went underground and saw the inner workings of the Atlantis aquarium, including the fish hospital, and learned all about how they catch and rotate the sea life through the exhibits, and how they heal the sick and injured fish they come across.

Then we got to go behind the scenes of the Marine Mammal Center and see the bioresearch facilities, meet the researchers and marine biologists, and even met the dolphins and sea lions and learned their stories of rescue.

And finally, we met the K-9 security team who are always behind the scenes… and only get to meet guests when they’re taking them down for contraband! They did a bomb dog demonstration, contraband search demonstration, and attack demonstration! What an adventure!

Day 3: Hopeful and Motivated

Our final day was focused on providing hope for great future and motivation to take action upon returning to the “real world.” We continued our peer conversations throughout the day, and gave participants activity options that fulfilled a desire of theirs. Some kayaked with dolphins, some fed stingrays, some went snorkeling in the beautiful blue ocean.

We hosted a workshop on Return on Emotion so they were empowered to take the blueprint and the measurement construct back to their companies and implement it in their upcoming programs. And of course, we ended the program with an incredible beach bonfire and lobster grill with s’mores and celebratory drinks, providing the perfect ending filled with hope for an incredible 2022.

When measuring your programs post-event, you’ll get your ROE score with the average of 5 questions on a 10-point sliding scale. The magic number to hit is 8.6 to know that you successfully created an environment for business readiness. 

Our Flashpoint survey results gave us a 9 point total ROE score, indicating that we did, indeed, create an environment that fostered relationships and conversations that will lead to business among the participants themselves, and also with us as the hosts of the experience.

We know that Flashpoint was held right at the height of the Omicron outbreak and many of our community members who wanted to come weren’t able to travel internationally at that time. So we’re creating a series of ROE workshops that we’ll be bringing to the Bay Area on March 22nd, New York City on May 24th, and Austin in October (and one virtual one likely in August), exclusively for our corporate/brand-side friends. 

The in-person programs will be from 11am to 4pm with an optional hangout afterwards. If you’re interested in joining one of these, please drop Nicole a line at [email protected] and she’ll add you to the list. They are free of charge, but you must bring something with you. We’ll explain when you email us! Think of it as a day-time slumber party…(you don’t sleep at slumber parties, right?) and it’ll be fun!

We’re excited to share our findings with you, and even more excited to help you put it into action in your programs – 2022 is the year of ROE!

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