ROE Intensives

Join us for one of our brands-only Return on Emotion Intensives to learn how to apply this new blueprint and metric to your programs!

What’s your challenge?

Craft programs that drive business with ROE

May 24, New York City

August 9, Virtual

October 18, Austin

Welcome the Return On Emotion Intensive: An Experiential Spontaneous Think Tank!

The best, most intimate conversations happen at slumber parties. The stories that you tell for years to come happen at slumber parties. The ridiculous, hilarious, memorable moments happen at slumber parties. And if you do it right, you never, ever sleep at a slumber party! 

So we’re bringing a slumber party vibe to our ROE Intensives around the country for a real-life Return on Emotion experience complete with all the details you need to take back to your company and implement this new ROE blueprint and metric in your 2022 programs. And bonus Spontaneous Think Tanks for peer-to-peer sharing!

  • 10:00 Arrivals + Welcome attack + snack station organization
  • 10:15 Welcome and keynote
  • 10:45 Crowdsourcing
  • 11:00 Crazy activity time
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 12:45 Spontaneous Think Tanks
  • 1:15 Return on Emotion Workshop
  • 1:45 Retrospective and adjourn

Spontaneous Think Tanks are like a potluck for your mind, so in the spirit of giving and sharing, we ask you to bring a slumber-party snack to share! Store-bought only… candy? chips? Something you’d want to sneakily eat after the lights go out! Just bring enough for 10 friends!

What is Return on Emotion?

After conducting a year-long research study to determine which emotion needs to be evoked in a business event in order to drive pipeline and revenue-inducing relationships, Haute learned that it is in fact FIVE! Yes, you must create an experience that delivers on the emotions of Hope, Adventure, Active, Accepted, and Motivated. 

Haute has created a blueprint that marketers can use to ensure all programs will create Return on Emotion for the participants (and the host company), and a simple way of measuring the results with a metric called ROE. 

This workshop will not only allow you to experience all five emotions, but you’ll also learn exactly how to create your own programs with Return on Emotion. 

What is a Spontaneous Think Tank?

Haute’s Spontaneous Think Tank is like a potluck for your mind. You bring the challenges you’re trying to solve and solutions that you’ve already implemented and want to share, and we’ll create peer-conversations especially for you. 

We’ll crowdsource the challenges and solutions at the beginning of the event and the conversations are led by the participants. 

You will leave with new connections and new solutions to help you move the needle, and you’ll also be able to help someone else with a problem they’ve been stuck on. Spontaneous Think Tanks are the BEST way to learn, connect, and succeed!

Who else will be there?

Our ROE Intensives are open to corporate marketing and event professionals (sorry, no freelancers or vendors this time) who are looking to drive greater engagement, deeper connections, and more pipeline from their marketing programs. We are keeping these workshops small and intimate with only 20 people so you can get to know everyone. We’ll share everyone’s contact information and invite you our Slack channel for Haute Conversations to keep the connections going. We love surprises, fun, silliness, and real, raw, and impactful conversations that will help you in your business. And although our marketing is all pink and purple for this one, we welcome all genders to the party! This is iike a co-ed, no-sleep slumber party!