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A sales-and-expectation-free, peer-to-peer, professional community with a family feel.

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Join our community of marketing and event professionals who value deep, personal and lasting relationships with industry peers and find value in knowing, sharing and giving to one another.

We don’t take sides. Whether you’re on the brand side or the partner side, we welcome everyone in the same way: with a warm welcome and plenty of paths to connection. 

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Our Humanifesto

We believe shared experiences that evoke an emotional response and are anchored in conversation create genuine connections that drive profitable relationships. We create those shared experiences so you can create genuine connections. 

Our only rule: No selling. Our gatherings are about building connections. Doing business together can come later. 

Featured Hauties

Julie Jackson

Chief Operating Officer at DEVLINHAIR, Alabama fan (Roll Tide!), and all-around great human, Julie is friendly, helpful, and a brilliant business woman. Her operational point of view is thorough and on point, and Julie always eager to share her perspective and help her fellow Hauties however they need it.

Dave Stevens

Director of Global Events and Field Marketing at Alation, Dave is a strategist, a mentor, a creative, and an avid fan of data-driven marketing. His thoughts on full funnel marketing and marketing throughout the brand funnel make him a Hautie you should know.

Bryan Kramer

Creator of H2H: Human-to-Human, TED Talker, and marketing guru, Bryan embodies the Haute community through his mission to help leaders increase their impact on the world. Bryan’s a best-selling author and keynote speaker and his strategic brain and genuine demeanor is humanizing the world.

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When you join our community, you’ll only get e-mails from us once a month or when we just can’t wait to tell you something exciting. There is no charge to be a Hautie, though some of our gatherings may have a participation fee.  

Working from home? Moving? Hiding from the cops? We don’t judge… but don’t forget give us your address when you join. Our Chief Community Officer, Nicole, loves to send out surprises!